Bergen: It's Time For You To Get Ahead

September 14, 2019

Thursday, September 12, 2019


Winkler, MB- Yesterday, Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada's Conservatives, officially launched the Conservative Party's election campaign, with a clear plan to make life more affordable for Manitobans and all Canadians. 

"This election is about you and your family" stated Bergen. "Justin Trudeau's failed policies at home and abroad have made it harder for Canadians to get by, let alone get ahead. His weakness on the world stage has damaged relations with our closest allies, and the continued abuse of his political power only proves that he cannot continue to govern this country. Andrew Scheer has a plan to lower the cost of living, make life more affordable and will lead a new Conservative Government that is transparent and accountable to Canadians."

The Winkler campaign office is now open, with the official launch party scheduled for Tuesday, September 17th, and will serve as the primary campaign office. A satellite campaign office location in Portage la Prairie will be opened on September 25th. 

"Our Portage-Lisgar Conservative team is ready, and signs began to go up this morning" stated Bergen. "Over the next few weeks, we plan on visiting communities across the riding and bringing our positive Conservative message directly to your doorstep". 

Over the summer, Andrew Scheer has announced that a Conservative Government will take the GST off home heating costs, scrap the Trudeau Carbon Tax, make maternity benefits tax-free and stand up for Canada and Canadians on the world stage; with more commitments to help you and your family get ahead to come. 

"I am humbly asking for your support and your vote to serve the people of Portage-Lisgar once again, get Canada back on track and help you get ahead" concluded Bergen.